Expensive vs. Economical: Striped Skirts

It’s always interesting to see how your fashion changes over time.  Throughout my life, I’ve gone through various skirt phases.  In college, I was all about mini skirts.  I wore them so often that a random guy in my humanities class asked if I even owned a pair of shorts.  Fresh out of college and starting my career, I moved to midi skirts.  I felt professional, yet still stylish.  Throughout pregnancy, I had several maxi skirts on rotation.  They were so dang comfortable and a way to avoid buying maternity clothes.  Nowadays, I flip-flop between midi and maxi skirts with the occasional mini making an appearance. 

I’ve seen a few designer striped skirts recently that are absolutely beautiful.  Stripes are my favorite pattern, and skirts are my favorite piece of clothing, so today I’ve rounded up a slew of designer and everyday wear striped skirts for comparison.  They range in price from $1,300+ (yes, really) to $16.  Sure, the quality will likely be lower with the less expensive options, but for $1,200 less, I’m willing to go with the more economical option.  That goes for pretty much every expenditure in my life, not just skirts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do believe in paying for quality items that are staples.  However, I’m not sure how many times I would wear a striped skirt (probably not more than once or twice a month), so the price per wear of the skirts in the expensive column aren’t justifiable for me, personally.  But they sure are pretty!

Expensive vs. Economical: Striped Skirts » StyleEmulator.com

  1. Carolina Herrera  vs.  BooHoo
  2. Akris Punto  vs.  ModCloth
  3. Alice + Olivia  vs. Marks and Spencer
  4. Eliza J  vs.  TOV
  5. Valentino  vs.  LOFT
  6. Expensive vs. Economical: Striped Skirts » StyleEmulator.comGül Hürgel  vs.  Joe Fresh
  7. Rossella Jardini  vs.  Unique Vintage
  8. Lela Rose  vs.  New York & Co.
  9. Gucci  vs.  Marc Jacobs
  10. Muveil  vs.  NINEMINUTES
  11. Expensive vs. Economical: Striped Skirts » StyleEmulator.com Suno  vs.  Maison Jules
  12. Mira Mikati  vs.  LOFT
  13. Milly  vs.  BooHoo
  14. Kate Spade  vs.  Target
  15. Lisa Marie Fernandez  vs.  Unique Vintage

Which one is your favorite?


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Jennifer Lawrence Pink Midi Skirt Look for Less

Harper’s Bazaar

It’s everyone’s favorite girl crush!  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence.  Do those people exist?  From her incredible acting abilities to her hilarity to her shunning of social media (I’m not the biggest fan of social media myself), it’s hard not to like her.  However, I have to admit that as big a fan I am, I’m not always wowed by her style choices (exhibits a, b, c, d).  We can’t be perfect all the time.  I feel a little disloyal even stating that.  But!  There’s always a but.  When Jennifer Lawrence is on, Jennifer Lawrence is on.  She’s had several great looks on her current movie tour for hew new film, Passengers.  In the look above at the Seoul premier, she (or probably her stylist) nailed it in Cinq à Sept.  Get a similar look below for less!

Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence Pink Midi Skirt » StyleEmulator.com

  1. Top – Bringing the black lace in J. Law’s skirt up top.  Here’s a crop top version like the original if you have the bod and confidence for it.
  2. Skirt – This rose gold skirt emulates Jennifer’s.  Minus the $450+ price tag.
  3. Earrings – Studs can be understated, but these bring a little drama while not competing with the lace top.
  4. Ring – This ring complements the tres feminine look.
  5. Purse – I always wonder who has a celebrity’s purse while they’re doing the red carpet thing.
  6. Shoes – I can’t decide if I like Jennifer Lawrence’s lucite heels or not.  Part of me wants to, but eh.  I do, however, like these pumps.
  7. Ring – Another fun little detail that complements the other jewelry.

Here are six other pretty in pink midi skirts perfect for the office, shopping, date night, or any activity in between:

Zulily // Nasty Gal  //  BooHoo

Asos  // Kohl’s  //  Asos



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