Pink and Gold Glam Living Room

It’s probably evident by now, but 90% of the time I’m drawn to a more rustic and masculine interior design aesthetic over a chic or feminine one.  However, roughly 5.67% of the time I’m drawn to ultra-girly, glam spaces.  I never did the whole single girl with her own apartment thing, so I missed out on that phase of life.  I was in a pretty serious car accident at the end of high school which vastly changed my college plans, so I ended up living at home through college.  I got married not long after graduation and my husband and I promptly bought our first home together.  So, there was never a time when I had my “own” place (though it could be argued our entire first home save for our closed-in-garage-turned-man-cave was “mine”) that I could throw up pink everywhere.

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Accordingly, I love looking at feminine spaces like today’s living room.  I also like to imagine the type of person who lives here and what phase of life they happen to be in.  And if they are married, how did they convince their husband to go along with it?  What did they have to compromise and let him decorate??  Here’s how you can get a similar glam look:

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  1. Lamp – This lamp looks to be the exact one used in the photo.  Here’s a smaller, less expensive option.
  2. Couch – I like the throw pillow back of this couch.  Looks comfy.
  3. Leopard Pillow – Leopard is so versatile.  It plays nice and looks great in a masculine or feminine aesthetic.
  4. Side table – I’ve used this side table in other looks I’ve done.  The simplicity of it makes it quite versatile, too.
  5. Coffee table – Hooray for a coffee table that has great form and function.  Here’s a less expensive option without the middle shelf.
  6. Pink pillow cover – Does it get any more feminine than a pink velvet pillow?
  7. Faux fur rug – It would be darn neigh impossible for me to keep this rug clean in my living room, but can you imagine how soft and cozy it would be underfoot??
  8. Gold sphere – Bringing in a little more glam with this gold and marble sculpture.
  9. Faux fur throw – Again with the faux fur.  This would be easier for me to keep clean.  And still just as cozy.
  10. Tom Ford book – This book, like anything Tom Ford, is not cheap.  But it definitely makes a statement.
  11. Starburst – I’ve had a few of these in my house for years, and they still make me happy.  I don’t know if I’ll ever bored of them.
  12. Basket – Bringing some contrasting texture in the mix.
  13. Coasters – I own these and love the look of them.  The copper coat has chipped some, but it gives them a little bit of patina.

Even though my interior design style is more masculine, my fashion sense is decidedly feminine.  Pink, gold, flowers, lace, give it allll to me.

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Necklace  //  Swimsuit  //  Watch

Backpack  //  Oxfords  //  Earrings


Similar glam looks on Style Emulator:

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Kate Moss Glam Living Room

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If you’re a Pinterest user, you’ve likely tried to pin the same image twice.  Pinterest is smart enough to recognize this, and will kindly let you know that you’ve already pinned it to one of your boards.  This has happened to me no less than three times with the above image.  After the third time, I decided I needed to do a post on this Kate Moss living room since I obviously have an affinity for it.  Thanks, Pinterest!   This fabulous living room belongs to Swedish home stylist and blogger, Rebecca Fredriksson.  Those Swedes.  Cooler than I’ll ever hope to be.  The green velvet couch, the gold pendant, the Moroccan rug, Kate Moss telling me life is a joke, it’s glam personified.  Get the look below!

  1. Couch – It’s a green velvet couch (!).  It needs no description.
  2. Book – Kate Moss is an icon.  This book traces her entire career and looks absolutely stunning.
  3. Pillow – This palm pillow emulates the one in Rebecca’s room.
  4. Peace Sign Hand – This dainty little number would look perfect on top of the coffee table in this Kate Moss living room.  And it’s only $7.
  5. Chandelier – This light is contemporary and intriguing.
  6. Kate Moss – If you’re going to have a photo of someone (that isn’t you) hanging in your living room, might as well make it one of the most famed models of all time.  I think it would be hilarious to have one of those changeable letter boards next to her that said “I mustache you a question.”
  7. Coffee table – White topped coffee table keeps with the minimal color scheme.
  8. Throw – I would imagine you would need several of these faux cashmere throws if you lived in Sweden.  Just a guess.
  9. Rug – Moroccan inspired rugs are everywhere these days and with good reason.  See more options below.
  10. Palm – This is a real life palm.  I have faith that you can keep it alive.  Maybe not if you live in Sweden though.  In that case, it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase a fake one.
  11. Tea lights – These are sweet little accents that make a big impact.
  12. Bench – I love everything about this bench.  I’ve looked at it so many times for my own home and will likely end up buying it once we’re done renovating.
  13. Map – This map looks great next to Kate.  Even if you don’t live in Sweden.

Here are a few other Moroccan rugs that look a bit different from the norm:

west elm  //  Gilt  //  Target

Overstock  //  Overstock  //  Gilt




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