Nate Berkus Gray Layered Living Room

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When I first came across this living room, I immediately had hearts in my eyes.  The differing layers, mixtures of elements, and convergences of several different design styles were evidence of an extremely skilled designer.  It reminded me of another beautifully executed eclectic living room that I featured recently.  As I dug into a few articles looking for the designer, I chuckled to myself whenever I came across the mastermind behind this room.  It was none other than Nate Berkus.  I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a stunningly designed space only to see that Nate Berkus was the creator of it.  Don’t even get me started on his line for Target………..and I just spent 15 minutes in the middle of writing this post to drool over all of the pieces in that collection.  Don’t click that link if you want to be a productive member of society today.  Here are a round-up of items that can help you pretend you are a mastermind, too.

  1. Couch // Overstock – I’m digging the style of this couch and that it only has two back cushions.
  2. Joshua Tree // Etsy – The most dramatic part of this room is definitely the Joshua Tree prints.  This link is a digital download for $6.  Have Office Depot or Staples print it for you for a few more bucks.  Then pop it in a frame and voila.  Drama for your walls on the cheap.
  3. Coffee table // Overstock – This table adds a modern touch to the room.  See more options below.
  4. Orbs // One Kings Lane – Fitting decor for the coffee table, or any where you please.
  5. Chair // Target – This chair looks so cozy and elegant.  Interesting juxtaposition next to two large pictures of the desert.
  6. Pillows // Home Depot – Simple brown pillows to complement the decor.
  7. Rug // Overstock – I have A Thing for striped rugs.  Specifically black and white or gray and white striped rugs.  I WANT IT.  Nate Berkus brilliantly layers it over a larger jute rug for more warmth.
  8. Pig // Amazon – And the winner of the most unexpected item in this room goes to this ham.
  9. Chairs // Kohl’s – I’m trying not to use the word ‘love’ as much since in every post I basically ‘love’ everything.  But, I seriously love these chairs.  I promise I won’t love anything else in this post (even though I love it all which is why I did this round-up!).
  10. Lamp // Kohl’s – A pretty floor lamp that works well with all of the differing styles in the room.
  11. Pillow // Wayfair – Introducing a scrolling motif pattern into the room with this pillow.
  12. Binoculars // World Market – Interesting decor to mix into the eclectic room.  These are just cool.  Period.
  13. Round table // Target – I like that this room is broken into different sections.  This table serves as a slightly separate area, and keeps with the eclectic vibe.
  14. Ottoman // Bed Bath & Beyond – This stylish little ottoman emulates the originals.

Per usual, I fell down a rabbit hole when it came to looking at gold and brass tables.  Here are some more options if you like looking at them too.  *fist bump*

Gold Coffee Table Round Up »

Overstock //  One Kings Lane  //  One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane  //  Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Overstock

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Eclectic Style Living Room

Source: Architectural Digest

Over 99% of the time I gravitate toward neutral, natural, earth tone filled spaces.  But then I see an eclectic style living room like this and instantly want to add more pops of color in my own home.  Admittedly, color scares me.  Being able to expertly design an eclectic style living room such as this that is colorful, playful, and sophisticated all at once is true talent (and bravery!).  In addition to the color, Bilhuber and Associates combine textures and pattern to give the space depth and energy without appearing gauche.  I know I’d fail miserably if I tried this on my own.  So, if I ever work up the courage to emulate this style, I’ll be stalking more of Bilhuber’s work.

Get the Look: Eclectic Style Living Room »

  1.  Chair – I think I could manage having a blue chair in my home.  I think.
  2. Sunburst – This sunburst is one of the best I’ve seen at this price point.  The detail and coloring are on point.
  3. Topiary – I’m of the opinion one can never have too many topiaries.  Is my southern showing?
  4. Print – This print makes me wonder what all those people in the sunlight are thinking.  And where were they on their way to when this photo was taken?  I’d stare at it every day while pondering those questions if it was hanging in my home.
  5. Vase – Perfect POP of color!
  6. Pillow – This banana leaf pillow both relaxes a space and gives a touch of class.
  7. Blanket – For those of us who aren’t brave enough to upholster our couch cushions in animal print.  And it’s only $10.
  8. Pillow – Another fun pattern to bring into the mix.
  9. Coffee table book – The HONY book cover is just perfect.  And you know the inside is just as good.
  10. Boxes – You could use these gorgeous boxes all together or in different spaces around the room.  I’d probably stash candy in them.  Who wants to walk all the way to the kitchen when a craving strikes,  ya know?
  11. Pencil holder – How fun is this?  I’d add a few peacock feathers in and amongst the pens and pencils for even more eclectic flair.
  12. Coffee table – A simple coffee table since we can’t go crazy with every piece of furniture.  Also available at Target if you have a Red card, but it’s a bit more $.



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