Tony Awards Fashion and Inspired Looks

The 2017 Tony Awards took place Sunday night.  If I had the opportunity to pick any award show to attend, I would mostly likely choose the Tony Awards.  I have a deep love for musicals and shows that began when I saw Les Misérables on the West End of London (London’s Broadway or actually Broadway is the NYC’s West End) when I was 17.  My seat was very high and very near the back of the theater, but I was completely memorized.  Since then I’ve seen countless shows including Wicked, Rent, Jersey Boys, Mama Mia, South Pacific, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and countless others.  I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a bad show.  There’s just something about the live music and acting that takes me to another place for 3 hours.

Accordingly, I find it quite impressive when I read that an actor has a Tony.  The talent is takes to sing, dance, and act live night after night for sometimes months at a time is respectable.  To see all of these talented actors in one place live while catching snippets of the best of the best shows would be so entertaining.  I know I can watch it on television, but I mean, that defeats the point of musicals.  You’re supposed to view them in person.  Some (a lot) of the magic is lost when viewing them through a screen.

I like to think the red carpet at the Tony’s is a bit more sophisticated than other red carpets.  The Tony Awards are different from the Academy Awards which are different from the Grammy Awards and so on.  Looks at this year’s show had their hits and misses, but for the most part I thought it was a glamorous affair.  I’ve taken five looks below that I found particularly good and inspiring for everyday wear.  My favorite is actually Mary Beth Peil.  I hope I’m as stylish as her when I’m 76.

Get the Look: Denee Benton Tony Awards » StyleEmulator.comDenee Benton: 1. Shirt  //  2. Earrings  //  3. Cuff  //  4. Skirt  //  5. Shoes

Get the Look: Olivia Wilde Tony Awards »

Olivia Wilde: 1. Dress  //  2. Earrings  //  3.  Necklace  //  4. Shoes  //  5. Clutch

Get the Look: Mary Beth Peil »

Mary Beth Peil: 1. Top  //  2. Earrings  //  3. Pants  //  4. Clutch  //  5. Pumps

Get the Look: Sarah Paulson Tony Awards »

Sarah Paulson: 1. Top  //  2. Earrings  //  3. Jeans  //  4. Purse  //  5. Shoes

Get the Look: Chrissy Teigen Tony Awards »

Chrissy Teigen: 1. Dress  //  2. Earrings  //  3. Clutch  //  4. Heels

Which look is your favorite?  Or was it someone else on the red carpet?

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Brooklyn Decker Living Room

Last spring, Domino featured Brooklyn Decker’s Austin home.  The home design is impressive.  It’s a mix of denim, wood, crazy beautiful “cookies-n-cream” marble, and antique heirlooms.  It feels curated and personal.  What’s even more awesome than the house is the fact that Brooklyn didn’t hire a famed interior designer.  She decorated the home herself.  So, not only is she an entrepreneur, actress, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, married to a tennis legend, and Kevin Bacon’s doppelganger, she’s also a remarkable interior designer.  If you look up total package in the dictionary, I’m guessing you’ll see her picture (preferably of her and her zit, Cindy Crawford).  Add absolutely hilarious to the list of reasons why we love Brooklyn Decker.

Get the Look: Brooklyn Decker Living Room »

Get the Look: Brooklyn Decker Living Room »

Get the Look: Brooklyn Decker Living Room »

I actually took the picture of her living room to a local carpenter and had him build me a coffee table similar to hers.  I had him scale it down a bit to fit in my living room.  I then took it to my local upholsterer and had her cover the piece in a similar camel colored vinyl.  I know, I know, why not leather?  It was going to be quadruple the price, and the main reason I wanted a coffee table like this was so that Scarlett (and future kids) could be as rough as they wanted to be on it.  I know myself, and if it was leather, I would have had a heart attack any time she so much as set a toy on it–much less stand on top of and jump around wildly while flinging milk everywhere from her sippy cup (not that I let her do that… ;)).  It ended up being a little more expensive than options I found online, but I needed a certain size so I was able to easily and affordably customize it.

Get the Look: Brooklyn Decker Living Room »

  1. Mirror – I didn’t realize the large mirror in Brooklyn’s living room wasn’t a window until I started putting this look together.  The windowpane mirror clearly did it’s job!
  2. Coffee table – In my hunt for a coffee table that looked like Brooklyn’s, I almost purchased this one.  The dimensions, sadly, weren’t right for my living room, but I love the look of it.
  3. Light blue couch – Brooklyn did a masterful job at combining these two couches that are differing colors and styles.
  4. Chair – These chairs are one of my favorite features of the room.
  5. Dark blue couch – More proof that Chesterfield sofas look good any and everywhere.
  6. Faux sheepskin rug – I own a few of these.  They soften every room I put them in.
  7. Pillow – Ya know how I feel about stripes.
  8. Native American print – Her home has a southwestern vibe to it.  This print fits that aesthetic perfectly.
  9. Pillow – This pillow has a tribal touch to it, too.
  10. Tray – I’m totally feeling the gold inlay on this tray.  I’ve also learned that with having an upholstered coffee table, a tray is essential to corral things on top.

In case you don’t know who Brooklyn Decker is, here’s a picture of her from Austin Ways magazine.  Can we also talk about the fact that I would look like I was going to work in a mechanic’s shop if I wore this jumpsuit?  Not on Brooklyn, though!  She looks stunning.

Get the Look: Brooklyn Decker »

Hat  //  Jumpsuit  //  Earrings  //  Wedges

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Cannes Film Festival Fashion

The Cannes Film Festival has always seemed like one of the most glamorous Hollywood events to me.  I think that’s mainly due to its location in the French Riviera (I blame Samantha Brown for my obsession with the Côte d’Azur), but I’ll give some credit to the celebrities and their films.  Actually, scratch that.  I don’t know anything about the films shown at Cannes, so I guess it’s just the Mediterranean seaside location and the outfits.  The somewhat funny thing about celebrity fashion at the Cannes Film Festival is that I don’t actually know who any of the celebrities are.  This year’s festival marked the 70th anniversary and ran from May 17-28.  I’ve browsed various galleries on Elle, Vogue, etc., and I may recognize two or three actors, but for the most part I have no idea who these people are or what they’re known for.  No matter!  I can still admire their garb.  And that’s what I’ve done today!

Let me state for the record that I like to take *inspiration* from red carpet fashion.  I have no red carpet events on my calendar (though I am available should someone invite me) and thus have no need for a ballgown.  However, I do like to morph these outfits into real life.  These days real life for me means working an 8-5 office job, occasional date nights/dinner with friends, and cookouts.   With that in mind, I’ve put together the below looks inspired by Cannes Film Festival fashion.  I hope you enjoy!

Victoria Bonya (Russian model/TV host)

Get the Look Victoria Bonya Cannes Film Festival »

 1.  Top  //  2.  Skirt  //  3.  Pumps  //  4.  Clutch  //  5.  Earrings

Priscilla Betti (French singer)

Get the Look Priscilla Betti Cannes Film Festival »

 1.  Top  //  2.  Skirt  //  3.  Purse  //  4.  Cuff  //  5.  Sandal

Barbara Meier (German model)

Get the Look Barbara Meier Cannes Film Festival »

 1.  Top  //  2.  Earrings  //  3.  Pants  //  4.  Heels

Naomie Harris (British actress)

Get the Look Naomie Harris Cannes » StyleEmulator.com1.  Top  //  2.  Earrings  //  3.  Skirt  //  4.  Pumps

Aymeline Valade (French actress)Get the Look Aymeline Valade Cannes »

 1.  Blazer  //  2.  Earrings  //  3.  Clutch  //  4.  Pants  //  5.  Heels

Did you have a favorite look from Cannes?  I also liked Clotilde Clourau, Fan Bingbing, Lily-Rose Depp, and Irina Shayk.



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Golden Globes Inspired Looks

Did you catch the Golden Globes on Sunday night?  I did not.  I actually can’t remember the last awards show I watched.  I usually catch a few snippets on YouTube if something buzz worthy happened, but most of the time I’ll simply read a few articles the morning after.  And by read articles, I mean look at red carpet fashion.  I’m always interested to see what celebrities look like on the red carpet.  Are they going to go Hollywood glamour or are they going to devolve into fashion a la the Capitol in the Hunger Games?  I didn’t see either extreme on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t really wowed by any of them.  There were a few gowns that stood out more than others, and a few that looked like they would fit right in in the Capitol.  Still, I was able to draw inspiration from the night (the event and afterparties) which is all I was looking to do anyway.  I’ve rounded up some Golden Globes inspired looks below.  I split them into colors, and hope you can find some inspiration, too.

Silvers (my favorites):

Julianne Hough looked youthful and ethereal in this vintage Jenny Packham dress:Julianne Hough Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($49 at Gap) // Skirt ($70 at White House Black Market) // Shoes ($55 at Kohl’s) // Clutch ($27 at Sole Society)

Elsa Pataky, along with her husband/my man crush Chris Hemsworth, looked elegant in this Zuhair Murad naked dress (not crazy about this trend, but she certainly pulled it off):Elsa Pataky Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($20 at Zappos) // Necklace ($36 at JCPenney)  //  Skirt ($32 at New York & Co.)  //  Pumps ($80 at Zappos)


Zoe Saldana’s Gucci dress was sweet and feminine, though a bit more bridesmaid than red carpet.  In any event, she looked beautiful.

Zoe Saldana Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($35 at Nordstrom)  //  Earrings ($20 at Banana Republic)  //  Pants ($42 at JCPenney)  //  Pumps ($32 at Sole Society)

I love this belle of the ball silhouette on Giuliana Rancic, and I think the pattern is very pretty, but the dress as a whole reminds me of a comforter I had when I was 9.  Probably just me then, right?  I did love that comforter, though.

Giuliana Rancic Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($48 at Asos)  //  Skirt ($100 at BHLDN)  // Pumps ($41 at Lord & Taylor)  //  Earrings $58 at (Lord & Taylor)


Jenna Bush Hager looked every inch the television anchor/former first daughter in this lovely green dress.

Jenna Bush Hager Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($19 at Nordstrom)  //  Earrings ($21 at Zappos)  //  Pants ($50 at Kohl’s)  // Shoes ($90 at Anthropologie)

This color looked fabulous on Hilary Duff.  The gown itself left a little to be desired, but the girl can obviously rock emerald.

Hilary Duff Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Top ($49 at Nordstrom) // Earrings ($15 at Shopbop)  //  Pants ($29 at Nordstrom)  //  Clutch ($58 at Last Call by NM)  //  Pumps ($55 at Last Call by NM)


I have no idea who Zazie Beetz is but her look was one of my favorites from the night.  The gown was classy and unique–exactly what red carpet fashion should be.Zazie Beetz Golden Globe 2017 Look »

Velvet Top ($19 at Kohl’s)  //  Earrings ($55 at Macy’s)  //  Skirt ($99 at Macy’s)  //  Cuff ($38 at Lord & Taylor)  //  Clutch ($27 at Sole Society)

I’m not sure Jenna Dewan Tatum has ever looked bad in her life.  Must be nice.  Her black and gold gown reminded me of a dress Jaime King wore recently that I featured here on Style Emulator.  Here’s a whole post on 21 black and gold dresses under $150.

Jenna Dewan Tatum Golden Globe 2017 Look

What was your favorite look of the night?




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Two for Tuesday: Olivia Palermo

Source: green, black

Ah, Olivia Palermo.  She can do no wrong.  Her looks are consistently classy, chic, and elegant.  One of the things I like most about this gal is that her fashion is timeless.  On several ocassions I’ve turned to her for inspiration only to come across a picture that appears to be a recent look, but then discover it’s a photo from five years ago.  I guess five years isn’t timeless, but it’s the fashion world.  Trends change on a dime.  However, Olivia always manages to be au courant yet classic at the same time.  I aim for the same with my style (though I’m not nearly as glamorous as OP).  Today I’ve curated two of her colder weather looks.  They’re quite different from each other, but both are posh and effortlessly cool.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Green Coat »

  1. Coat // Topshop – OP’s Valentino coat is what I caught my eye with this first look.  This option emulates the original for $5,050 less (not kidding, her coat is $5,200).
  2. Top // Amazon – I know I said this was a colder weather look and here I am giving you a tank top.  But, Olivia is wearing a sleeveless top in the inspiration photo and is, quite frankly, killing it.  Here’s a long sleeve option.
  3. Scarf // Amazon – I’m not sure there is an accessory classier than a scarf.  Adding one instantly elevates and polishes your look.
  4. Jeans // Zappos – Distressed jeans certainly add an interesting touch, but any pair of skinnys you have in your closet would work for this.
  5. Flats // JCPenney – These lace up flats totally complete this look.
  6. Bag // Asos – A cute little bag keeping with Olivia’s vibe.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Black »

  1. Coat // Nordstrom – I’m digging Olivia’s all black look, beginning with the jacket.
  2. Bow Top // Target – This adorable top is part of the Who What Wear line for Target.  Have you seen that collection?  It’s tip-top.
  3. Sunglasses // Charming Charlie – Adding just a touch of color with these cute sunglasses.  And they are only $9.
  4. Jeans // Kohl’s – OP keeps everything black, including her skinny jeans.  These are from Lauren Conrad’s line.
  5. Boots // Amazon – These are my obsession for the day.  The open front is perfection.  The boots in the inspiration photo have a higher heel, but I get more wear out of boots with a lower profile.  Plus they’re better for your spine per my chiropractor.
  6. Purse // Amazon – This purse adds a fun and unexpected touch of pattern to the otherwise solid black look.




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