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Otomi Bedroom


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Mexican otomi embroidery, or tenango, is a textile I’ve admired for quite some time.  Otomi is not only beautiful to look at it, but it represents the history of the Otomi people indigenous to central Mexico.  This material only become known outside of Mexico when the Otomi brought it to market in the 1960s.  A severe drought ruined their agricultural enterprise, so they turned to manufacturing textiles.  Not only that, the animals depicted in most otomi embroidery are said to be based on ancient cave drawings.  And so ends today’s history lesson.

Because of the nature of otomi (handmade by Mexican artisans), it’s hard to find decor that won’t break the bank.  I searched high and low to gather some pieces that either are true otomi, or inspired by this traditional textile.  The colorful variations of this design are whimsical and fanciful.  While the more muted variations appear modern, elegant, and graceful.  It’s truly a multifaceted fabric.Affordable Otomi Decor

  1. Pillow // Etsy – I might as well go ahead and apologize now for the amount of pillows in this round-up.  It’s the easiest way to bring this bright fabric into your decor.  And there are just so many good options!
  2. Lamp shade // Esty – This lamp shade is made to order and is thus available in multiple shapes and sizes.
  3. Quilt set // HSN – This three piece set is currently on sale and available for only $40 (omg).
  4. Pillow // Wayfair – I may or may not have gasped when I came across this pillow.  It’s available in seven different colors and they’re all this good.
  5. Lumbar pillow // Amazon – While the colorful otomi is absolutely beautiful and bohemian, there’s just something about the muted versions that speak to me.
  6. Canvas // Children Inspire Design – This would be perfect in an office or playroom.
  7. Lucite tray // domino – This tray would bring a pop of otomi and color to a coffee table.
  8. Stencil // Amazon – An absolutely stunning alternative to wallpaper.  An accent wall done with this stencil would look killer in any room.
  9. Pom pom throw // Amazon – Pom poms are included on lots of otomi products.  This throw complements otomi decor while also dialing down the color.
  10. Pillow // Amazon – I came across this pillow after I had all but finished this post.  I had to squeeze it in because this is one of the more unique versions of otomi that I’ve seen.
  11. Digital download // Etsy – This comes available in eight different colors.  Perfect for any wall.  And it’s $5 so easy on the wallet.
  12. Table cloth // Etsy – The makes me wish my dining room table was round.  A linen table cloth layered underneath this would look brilliant.
  13. Pillow // Lulu & Georgia – I spy everything from a bull to an opossum to a rooster on this beautiful pillow.  In what other medium can an opossum appear beautiful??
  14. Blanket // HSN – These are part of Sabrina Soto’s line and are currently on sale for $15 (another omg).
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Two for Tuesday: Olivia Palermo

Source: green, black

Ah, Olivia Palermo.  She can do no wrong.  Her looks are consistently classy, chic, and elegant.  One of the things I like most about this gal is that her fashion is timeless.  On several ocassions I’ve turned to her for inspiration only to come across a picture that appears to be a recent look, but then discover it’s a photo from five years ago.  I guess five years isn’t timeless, but it’s the fashion world.  Trends change on a dime.  However, Olivia always manages to be au courant yet classic at the same time.  I aim for the same with my style (though I’m not nearly as glamorous as OP).  Today I’ve curated two of her colder weather looks.  They’re quite different from each other, but both are posh and effortlessly cool.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Green Coat »

  1. Coat // Topshop – OP’s Valentino coat is what I caught my eye with this first look.  This option emulates the original for $5,050 less (not kidding, her coat is $5,200).
  2. Top // Amazon – I know I said this was a colder weather look and here I am giving you a tank top.  But, Olivia is wearing a sleeveless top in the inspiration photo and is, quite frankly, killing it.  Here’s a long sleeve option.
  3. Scarf // Amazon – I’m not sure there is an accessory classier than a scarf.  Adding one instantly elevates and polishes your look.
  4. Jeans // Zappos – Distressed jeans certainly add an interesting touch, but any pair of skinnys you have in your closet would work for this.
  5. Flats // JCPenney – These lace up flats totally complete this look.
  6. Bag // Asos – A cute little bag keeping with Olivia’s vibe.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Black »

  1. Coat // Nordstrom – I’m digging Olivia’s all black look, beginning with the jacket.
  2. Bow Top // Target – This adorable top is part of the Who What Wear line for Target.  Have you seen that collection?  It’s tip-top.
  3. Sunglasses // Charming Charlie – Adding just a touch of color with these cute sunglasses.  And they are only $9.
  4. Jeans // Kohl’s – OP keeps everything black, including her skinny jeans.  These are from Lauren Conrad’s line.
  5. Boots // Amazon – These are my obsession for the day.  The open front is perfection.  The boots in the inspiration photo have a higher heel, but I get more wear out of boots with a lower profile.  Plus they’re better for your spine per my chiropractor.
  6. Purse // Amazon – This purse adds a fun and unexpected touch of pattern to the otherwise solid black look.




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Lauren Liess Living Room

Happy New Year!  To begin 2017 here at Style Emulator, I wanted to feature the interior designer who has most influenced my personal style.  I first happened across Lauren Liess back in 2013 when my husband and I had just purchased our home.  Coming across her work was a pivotal moment for me as her style helped define and refine my own.  The way Lauren Liess designs elegant spaces that are infused with nature, collected with beautiful pieces, and relaxed and sophisticated at the same time constantly leaves me inspired.

Not only is her work exquisite (I’ve yet to come across a space of hers I don’t like) , her book has been very educational for me.  In designing my house, I’ve turned to it countless times to see what type of rug I should buy for a certain space, or how many patterns or textures I should use in a specific room.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but during decorating conundrums (of which there are many in my double a-frame house full of sloped ceilings and oddly shapes rooms). I’ve often asked myself, “what would Lauren Liess do here?”

I could wax lyrical about her all day (obviously), but I’ll stop and leave you with the living room from one of her previous houses.  I’ve tried to emulate this look in my own home, and here’s how you can emulate it in yours:

Lauren Liess Living Room for Less

  1. Couch // One Kings Lane – I’m fairly certain that Lauren’s couch is custom made.  If that’s not in the cards for you, this clean slip covered couch looks similar to hers.
  2. Rug // Overstock – I’ve seen Lauren use traditionally designed rugs such as this in many of her spaces.
  3. Bust // Amazon – This phrenology bust adds to the ambiance of the room.  And how enlightened and cosmopolitan would you feel with a bust in your living room?  See more options below.
  4. Chandelier // AHAlife – This is case in point why Lauren is so masterful with her designs.  I’d never think to put a sputnik chandelier in this space.  But she does and it’s perfect.
  5. Pillow // Pier 1 – Home girl loves her ferns.
  6. Coffee table // CB2 – This acrylic coffee table emulates the original.
  7. Side table // Target – I’m two clicks away from ordering this table.  I only discovered it after purchasing a different one.  Naturally.  (Update: I did end up purchasing this for my living room.  I love it!  The slates on the shelves are different colors which wasn’t obvious to me from the picture.  But, they have a distressed look so I’m a fan.)
  8. Art // Etsy – Abstract art for the mantle.
  9. Tray // Off 5th – This olive wood tray mimics the original.  Here are some wood bead strands you can set on top.
  10. Driftwood // Amazon – This sculpture adds to the warm, rustic vibe of the room.
  11. Leather couch // Urban Outfitters – I love, love, love Lauren’s leather couch.  This is a great alternative.
  12. Pillow // Amazon – This earthy pillow brings a contrasting pattern into the mix.

I’ve wanted a bust for a while now (#sophisticated), so naturally I had to round some up.  I’m eyeing the gold man, the horse, and the pretty lady on the upper right.  But I’d honestly take any of them!

Amazon  //  Gilt  //  Wayfair

Amazon  //  Target  //  Amazon




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SE Currently

My dock

Feeling:  refreshed.  This past week has been quiet and relaxing, with no work or family obligations.  I’ve been on the go with one thing or another since the beginning of October.  Fall is always busy–and I love every second of it–but not having to go anywhere that required me to put on a bra this week has been wonderful.

Listening to: 1999 by Prince.  I always listen to it on New Year’s Eve, but it’s even more poignant this year since we lost the Man, the Myth, the Legend.  I have to ask, MJ or Prince?  I’ve always refused to choose, but I have more Prince than Michael Jackson songs on my phone if that says anything.

Reading: articles that talk about trends and forecasts for 2017 (fashion, home decor, social media, tech, food, whathaveyou).  Mainly I want to know what’s about to become popular so I can avoid it.  I’m halfway kidding, but I do tend to be contrarian at times.  It sometimes takes me years to warm up to a trend (case in point: chokers), so I like to prepare myself as early as possible.

Not reading: any article that talks about what’s out for 2017.  I don’t need some random person on the internet telling me that my chevron pillow is no longer in style or that my skinny jeans need to go.  I firmly believe if you like something and it brings you happiness and confidence, then it doesn’t matter if it’s on trend or not.  In the sage words of Kevin Hart, do you boo boo.

Interested in: how the first month of blogging has gone.  I haven’t been blogging a full month just yet, and views are few, but I still thought it would be interesting to see what posts had the most views and compare that to the posts that I had the most fun putting together.

Wishing: you a happy new year!  I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Want to see what else I’ve currently been up to in December?  Check it out here:

  • Shocked to find out a Victoria Secret Fashion Show model is from a small town a few towns over from me
  • Wrapping presents with the most hideous wrapping paper I’ve ever seen
  • Wearing matching outfits with my baby girl <3
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Jonathan Adler Art Deco Living Room

Jonathan Adler Art Deco Living Room For Less

Carrying on with our gold theme from yesterday and in anticipation of New Year’s Eve, I bring you none other than Jonathan Adler.  I want to end the year with a bang and I don’t think there is anyone who designs a more bang-worthy room than he.  I always try to figure out what the *one* thing is I like about a designer.  With Jonathan Adler, it’s his proclivity to incorporate gold and color in every room he designs in such a masterful way.  Also, I find it interesting that every room he designs has his signature character, yet also looks distinguished and unique from others he’s designed.  I have several more Jonathan Adler rooms that I’m planning to feature in 2017.  But to end 2016, here is how you can emulate this art deco style living room, or maybe just grab a piece or two to mix in to your existing space:

  1. Velvet couch // Overstock – This couch is perfect for the art deco style.
  2. Coffee table // Wayfair – This gorgeous mirrored coffee table emulates Jonathan Adler’s original.
  3. Planter // 2Modern – How fun is this pistachio colored planter?  Can someone explain to me why planters are so expensive?  It can’t be the materials.  And I can’t see it being the intellectual property related costs.  Either way, this planter is a major focal point of the room.
  4. Chandelier // Bed Bath & Beyond (use one of your hundreds of 20% off coupons!) – The original chandelier is where I found the inspiration photo.  The light is so gorgeous, but so ‘spensive.  This chandelier from BB&B does a solid job of emulating the original for so much less.
  5. Pillow // Amazon – Bringing a pop of color and texture into the room with this adorable pillow.
  6. Fiddle leaf fig – What space doesn’t need a fiddle leaf?
  7. Chair // Gilt – This chair is so good, y’all.  At first glance I thought no way, that would be too uncomfortable to sit in.  But then I really looked at, and, while it’s not a velvet couch, I think it would be like sitting on a bar stool.  So sure, it’s not for sitting in for hours on end, but it’s serving as occasional seating not binge watching Netflix seating.
  8. Jacks // Amazon – A few fun little figurines for your coffee table.
  9. Side table // Overstock – This side table, like Jonathan Adler’s original, brings more dimension into the space.  It’s also (semi) functional (you need somewhere to set your wine glass while Netflix-ing) so win/win.
  10. Rug // Kohl’s – This chevron rug brings pattern into the room.  I love how the mirrored coffee table reflects the rug in the inspiration photo.
  11. Side table // Overstock – A statement piece in itself, this concrete side table introduces an interesting element into the living room.
  12. Pillows // Amazon – These patterned black and white pillows work well with the art deco vibe.  They also harmonize with the shape of the jacks.
  13. Lamp // Target – Awesome lamp.  Looks like a gold mushroom.  Exactly what one wants in a living room light.
  14. Head // Pier 1 – This gal is a unique one.  I’d probably dress her up with different hats/scarves/necklaces depending on the season because I’m ridiculous like that.
  15. End table // Overstock – This is one of those accent tables that would work in just about any space.  It’s beautiful.

The art deco style is glamorous, entertaining, and totally over the top.  Here a few prints that would fit the walls of this room flawlessly:

Target  //  Gilt  //  Target

Amazon  //  Amazon  //  Amazon


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