Rustic Glam Dining Room

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If you put a water gun to my head and told me to choose one interior designer to design my home I would say–actually, in all likelihood I will sink into the fetal position and refuse to answer since I have design paralysis when it comes to my house.  You would then squirt me in the eye for not answering the question, and threaten to squirt my other eye at which point I would yell, “FINE. SUSAN FERRIER!”  Susan Ferrier is an insanely skilled interior designer with the magnificent McAlpine House.  Truthfully I would let any of the designers from McAlpine House design my home. Susan is just the one I’ve spent the most time stalking.  And stalk I have.  I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I have spent hours studying her work.  She is able to capture rustic glamour like no one I have ever seen (and if you held that water gun to my head and told me to chose my style rustic glamour would be my answer).  Susan’s spaces are romantic, harmonious, and cultivated, and have been featured in several publications including Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.  And when you look at the rustic glam dining room above, is that any surprise?  Here’s how you can emulate a similar style in your own home:

  1. Chair // Kohl’s – This black and white striped chair has a similar look to the slip covered originals.  Also available in several other prints.
  2. Chandelier // Home Depot – The oversized chandelier is, without a doubt, the most striking feature in this rustic glam dining room.  This chandelier echoes the original.  See more options below.
  3. Table // Overstock – This table is quite a bit more money than I like to include, although undoubtedly cheaper than the original.  Dining room tables are investment pieces, and you’ll probably only buy a few in your lifetime.  Here’s a less expensive version.
  4. Urn // Amazon – An urn, like the one above, to set on top of the pedestal.
  5. Topiary Ball // Amazon – I have a few of these in my home and love the way they look.  Yes, it’s fake.  No, I don’t care.  It adds a bit of greenery to spaces that don’t get much natural light (like in an urn in a dining room).  And you’ll be happy to know that I have plenty of real plants to offset the fact that this is fake.
  6. Pedestal // Home Depot – I searched everywhere for a moderately priced pedestal.  I’m not convinced they exist.  I would probably contact a local carpenter and have them build these for you.  It would probably take no time and not much money.  The saving grace for this one is that it has storage capacity.  I also like this set.
  7. Prints (Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower) // Bed Bath & Beyond – This is where your room could get personal.  I think it would be neat to take photos of places that are important to you be it favorite vacation spots, meaningful landmarks, or even your own backyard.  Then apply a sepia filter, and print and frame them for your dining room.  It would be an interesting talking point for dinner guests, and it would look beautiful like it does in this rustic glam dining room.  If you’d rather purchase prints, Etsy has all kinds of great sepia selections.

As I mentioned, that chandelier is stunning.  If you don’t have the ceilings for an oversized chandelier (I don’t) here are a few other options for a rustic glam dining room:

Rustic Glam Chandelier Round Up »

Gilt  //  Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Home Decorators Collection

Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Home Depot  //  Home Depot

And one more thing when it comes to chandeliers, once you find the one you like always check eBay to see if you can find a similar one for less money.  I’ve done with this with two chandeliers in my own home.  It takes some searching and make sure to do due diligence on the seller (see how many reviews they have, how long they’ve been around, etc.), but can sometimes end up saving you a good amount of money.  A penny saved is a penny earned, eh?

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SE Currently


Feeling: like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We bought our house back in the summer of 2013.  We rented the house next door for a few years before this house came on the market (easiest move ever).  It was actually a foreclosure, unbeknownst to us while living next door, so we got the house for a steal.  That’s where the good fortune ended though because you know every negative connotation you associate with the word foreclosure?  They apply to this house.  We’ve had to tent it for termites, replace all of the wiring/plumbing/HVAC, redo the kitchen and bathrooms, and basically rip it down to the studs.  We did most of the work back in 2013 (DIY and with subcontractors), moved in at the beginning of 2014 since the first floor was finished, took the rest of 2014 off so we could recover mentally and financially, started back up on the second story in 2015, took 2016 off since we had a baby, and now we’re back at it finishing the second story and exterior (and bathrooms and finishing touches everywhere and this list goes on…).  The above picture is at the top of my spiral staircase.  That iron railing (original to the house) hasn’t been installed since mid-2015 when we replaced the floors.  Also, all of the baseboards and trim you see was done just this week.  I’m ecstatic that the end is nigh and I’ll be living in a finished house instead of a construction zone!

Listening to: Downtown Train by Rod Stewart.  So, funny story.  I work from home a few days a week which makes it awkward when contractors are here working.  Our first story is open to the second story, so I can hear everything that’s going on upstairs and vice versa.  Earlier this week I decided to turn on my 60s, 70s, 80s rock Pandora station since who doesn’t like to jam to Petty and CCR?  I was going about my morning, playing with Scarlett, and checking work emails when this song came on.  My mom’s favorite singer is and will always be Rod.  This song in particular reminds me of growing up and singing and dancing to it with my mom and brother.  As I started listening to it and getting all the warm fuzzies, I naturally began to sing it.  A singer I am not, but I’ll sing in my home, to my baby who can’t talk, all day long.  I think you can see where this is going.  As I was singing and getting dinner going in the crock pot, the guys upstairs loudly dropped something (probably on purpose).  I immediately realized that I had been serenading them, and promptly started a fake coughing fit and ran into the bathroom completely mortified.  It was the second time that morning I had embarrassed myself.  The first is when I turned on Pandora and Taylor Swift started screaming shake it off.  Scarlett likes to play with the knobs on our surround sound and had, inadvertently, turned the volume up to 140 decibels.  I’m pretty sure the windows shook.

Thinking: this got way too long, way too fast.  Thanks for reading it if you stuck around!  Hope you’re currently having a great weekend.  Florida has decided to hold winter on January 7 and 8 this year (highs are in the 40s/50s!), so I’ll be relishing the cold weather until it’s back in the 70s on Monday.



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Nate Berkus Gray Layered Living Room

Get the Look: Nate Berkus Gray Living Room »

When I first came across this living room, I immediately had hearts in my eyes.  The differing layers, mixtures of elements, and convergences of several different design styles were evidence of an extremely skilled designer.  It reminded me of another beautifully executed eclectic living room that I featured recently.  As I dug into a few articles looking for the designer, I chuckled to myself whenever I came across the mastermind behind this room.  It was none other than Nate Berkus.  I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a stunningly designed space only to see that Nate Berkus was the creator of it.  Don’t even get me started on his line for Target………..and I just spent 15 minutes in the middle of writing this post to drool over all of the pieces in that collection.  Don’t click that link if you want to be a productive member of society today.  Here are a round-up of items that can help you pretend you are a mastermind, too.

  1. Couch // Overstock – I’m digging the style of this couch and that it only has two back cushions.
  2. Joshua Tree // Etsy – The most dramatic part of this room is definitely the Joshua Tree prints.  This link is a digital download for $6.  Have Office Depot or Staples print it for you for a few more bucks.  Then pop it in a frame and voila.  Drama for your walls on the cheap.
  3. Coffee table // Overstock – This table adds a modern touch to the room.  See more options below.
  4. Orbs // One Kings Lane – Fitting decor for the coffee table, or any where you please.
  5. Chair // Target – This chair looks so cozy and elegant.  Interesting juxtaposition next to two large pictures of the desert.
  6. Pillows // Home Depot – Simple brown pillows to complement the decor.
  7. Rug // Overstock – I have A Thing for striped rugs.  Specifically black and white or gray and white striped rugs.  I WANT IT.  Nate Berkus brilliantly layers it over a larger jute rug for more warmth.
  8. Pig // Amazon – And the winner of the most unexpected item in this room goes to this ham.
  9. Chairs // Kohl’s – I’m trying not to use the word ‘love’ as much since in every post I basically ‘love’ everything.  But, I seriously love these chairs.  I promise I won’t love anything else in this post (even though I love it all which is why I did this round-up!).
  10. Lamp // Kohl’s – A pretty floor lamp that works well with all of the differing styles in the room.
  11. Pillow // Wayfair – Introducing a scrolling motif pattern into the room with this pillow.
  12. Binoculars // World Market – Interesting decor to mix into the eclectic room.  These are just cool.  Period.
  13. Round table // Target – I like that this room is broken into different sections.  This table serves as a slightly separate area, and keeps with the eclectic vibe.
  14. Ottoman // Bed Bath & Beyond – This stylish little ottoman emulates the originals.

Per usual, I fell down a rabbit hole when it came to looking at gold and brass tables.  Here are some more options if you like looking at them too.  *fist bump*

Gold Coffee Table Round Up »

Overstock //  One Kings Lane  //  One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane  //  Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Overstock

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Carolina Herrera Mint Green Skirt

Carolina Herrera Fall 2016 Runway


One fashion designer that never fails to impress is Carolina Herrera.  Her styles are consistently luxurious, poised, and feminine.  She’s dressed first ladies (Jackie O and Michelle Obama), all kinds of celebrities (from Blake Lively to Amal Clooney), royal family members (Kate and Pippa Middleton), and she even designed Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress!  She’s a designer whose career has spanned more years then I’ve been alive, but her looks remain current and fresh.  Perhaps my favorite thing about Carolina Herrera, though, is her attitude.  In an interview with Vogue, she stated, “My rule, whether I’m dressed in something that’s ‘high’ or ‘low,’ is to wear it like it cost a million dollars.”  BOOM.

Today’s look comes from Carolina Herrera’s runway show this past fall.  It’s gorgeous, glamorous, and girly.  It’s also over $4,000 so here’s how you can emulate this look for less:

Get the Look: Carolina Herrera Mint Skirt »

  1. Top // Nordstrom – I went with a plain black top in order to bring in jewelry.  Here’s a top from H&M if you prefer to mimic Carolina Herrera’s sequin top.
  2. Skirt // Kohl’s – A fun mint skirt that emulates the original.  See more options below
  3. Shoes // Asos – These pretty shoes add a little sparkle to the outfit.
  4. Necklace // Macy’s – I brought the shimmer out of the shirt and put it on a necklace.  More appropriate for every day wear.
  5. Earrings // Macy’s – It’s impossible to go wrong with Kate Spade studs.  They are my favorite!

Mint is a beautiful color and the midi skirt is an elegant silhouette.  Combine the two and you have an exquisite piece of clothing.  It’s perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual.  Here are six additional options under $100:

Asos  //  Lord & Taylor  //  BooHoo

Asos  //  Zulily  //  H&M

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Affordable Otomi Decor

Otomi Bedroom


Otomi Bedroom


Otomi Couch


Mexican otomi embroidery, or tenango, is a textile I’ve admired for quite some time.  Otomi is not only beautiful to look at it, but it represents the history of the Otomi people indigenous to central Mexico.  This material only become known outside of Mexico when the Otomi brought it to market in the 1960s.  A severe drought ruined their agricultural enterprise, so they turned to manufacturing textiles.  Not only that, the animals depicted in most otomi embroidery are said to be based on ancient cave drawings.  And so ends today’s history lesson.

Because of the nature of otomi (handmade by Mexican artisans), it’s hard to find decor that won’t break the bank.  I searched high and low to gather some pieces that either are true otomi, or inspired by this traditional textile.  The colorful variations of this design are whimsical and fanciful.  While the more muted variations appear modern, elegant, and graceful.  It’s truly a multifaceted fabric.Affordable Otomi Decor

  1. Pillow // Etsy – I might as well go ahead and apologize now for the amount of pillows in this round-up.  It’s the easiest way to bring this bright fabric into your decor.  And there are just so many good options!
  2. Lamp shade // Esty – This lamp shade is made to order and is thus available in multiple shapes and sizes.
  3. Quilt set // HSN – This three piece set is currently on sale and available for only $40 (omg).
  4. Pillow // Wayfair – I may or may not have gasped when I came across this pillow.  It’s available in seven different colors and they’re all this good.
  5. Lumbar pillow // Amazon – While the colorful otomi is absolutely beautiful and bohemian, there’s just something about the muted versions that speak to me.
  6. Canvas // Children Inspire Design – This would be perfect in an office or playroom.
  7. Lucite tray // domino – This tray would bring a pop of otomi and color to a coffee table.
  8. Stencil // Amazon – An absolutely stunning alternative to wallpaper.  An accent wall done with this stencil would look killer in any room.
  9. Pom pom throw // Amazon – Pom poms are included on lots of otomi products.  This throw complements otomi decor while also dialing down the color.
  10. Pillow // Amazon – I came across this pillow after I had all but finished this post.  I had to squeeze it in because this is one of the more unique versions of otomi that I’ve seen.
  11. Digital download // Etsy – This comes available in eight different colors.  Perfect for any wall.  And it’s $5 so easy on the wallet.
  12. Table cloth // Etsy – The makes me wish my dining room table was round.  A linen table cloth layered underneath this would look brilliant.
  13. Pillow // Lulu & Georgia – I spy everything from a bull to an opossum to a rooster on this beautiful pillow.  In what other medium can an opossum appear beautiful??
  14. Blanket // HSN – These are part of Sabrina Soto’s line and are currently on sale for $15 (another omg).
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Two for Tuesday: Olivia Palermo

Source: green, black

Ah, Olivia Palermo.  She can do no wrong.  Her looks are consistently classy, chic, and elegant.  One of the things I like most about this gal is that her fashion is timeless.  On several ocassions I’ve turned to her for inspiration only to come across a picture that appears to be a recent look, but then discover it’s a photo from five years ago.  I guess five years isn’t timeless, but it’s the fashion world.  Trends change on a dime.  However, Olivia always manages to be au courant yet classic at the same time.  I aim for the same with my style (though I’m not nearly as glamorous as OP).  Today I’ve curated two of her colder weather looks.  They’re quite different from each other, but both are posh and effortlessly cool.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Green Coat »

  1. Coat // Topshop – OP’s Valentino coat is what I caught my eye with this first look.  This option emulates the original for $5,050 less (not kidding, her coat is $5,200).
  2. Top // Amazon – I know I said this was a colder weather look and here I am giving you a tank top.  But, Olivia is wearing a sleeveless top in the inspiration photo and is, quite frankly, killing it.  Here’s a long sleeve option.
  3. Scarf // Amazon – I’m not sure there is an accessory classier than a scarf.  Adding one instantly elevates and polishes your look.
  4. Jeans // Zappos – Distressed jeans certainly add an interesting touch, but any pair of skinnys you have in your closet would work for this.
  5. Flats // JCPenney – These lace up flats totally complete this look.
  6. Bag // Asos – A cute little bag keeping with Olivia’s vibe.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo Black »

  1. Coat // Nordstrom – I’m digging Olivia’s all black look, beginning with the jacket.
  2. Bow Top // Target – This adorable top is part of the Who What Wear line for Target.  Have you seen that collection?  It’s tip-top.
  3. Sunglasses // Charming Charlie – Adding just a touch of color with these cute sunglasses.  And they are only $9.
  4. Jeans // Kohl’s – OP keeps everything black, including her skinny jeans.  These are from Lauren Conrad’s line.
  5. Boots // Amazon – These are my obsession for the day.  The open front is perfection.  The boots in the inspiration photo have a higher heel, but I get more wear out of boots with a lower profile.  Plus they’re better for your spine per my chiropractor.
  6. Purse // Amazon – This purse adds a fun and unexpected touch of pattern to the otherwise solid black look.




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