Black and White Bedroom

In our first home, my husband somehow convinced me to let him paint our closed-in- garage-turned-man-cave black.  It actually didn’t take much convincing because I figured it was his space.  He could do what he wanted.  I had the rest of the house to decorate.  However, as soon as the paint dried I instantly regretted that decision.  Since it was formerly a two-car garage, the space was huge.  It was also the room through which we entered/exited the house.  After we painted it black, it did indeed feel like a cave.  You could also see into the room from the kitchen and living room due to the position of the door frame (and there wasn’t room for a door), so the entire thing was a hot mess.  It was an interesting experiment and maybe in the right context it would have looked right, but I was never a fan of the black walls.  My husband liked it though, so I guess it wasn’t a complete disaster.

Get the Look: Black and Beige Bedroom »


When I came across this bedroom, I was amazed how good the black walls and ceiling looked.  Maybe if we would have done shiplap wainscoting our room would have turned out better?  By grounding it with white, this room doesn’t feel like a cave.  It feels modern and cozy.  I’ll keep this look in mind if my husband ever tries to convince me to paint anything black again.  Here’s how you can get a similar look.Get the Look: Black and Beige Bedroom »

  1. Bed
  2. Nightstand
  3. Lamp
  4. Ombre Pillows
  5. Ginko Leaf Print
  6. Dandelion Print
  7. Pendant
  8. Accent Table
  9. Chair (on sale)
  10. Tray
  11. Pillow
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Raffia Bowl Bedroom

Happy Friday!  Any big plans for the weekend?  I was supposed to be in Disney World today, but my plans fell through.  I still have the day off of work, so I’m planning on taking Scarlett to the local kids museum.  Thankfully she isn’t old enough to realize we won’t be visiting “Mimi” (Minnie) today after all, but will get to see a dinosaur skeleton instead.  Same, same?

On Monday I featured a green and white floral sitting area that has me feeling all the summer vibes.  That room, and today’s bedroom, were designed by Sarah Bartholomew.  Both rooms happen to be in the same house, and it’s actually HER house!  As you might imagine, every inch of the space is gorgeous.  Sarah’s style is traditional yet chic, All-American yet a touch exotic.  She has a way marrying layers that feels fresh and innovative, while also being timeless and sophisticated.  Basically, she rocks and I’m fangirling over her this week.

Sarah Bartholomew Raffia Bowl Bedroom »



Sarah Bartholomew Raffia Bowl Bedroom »


I’ve really been drawn to Classic Georgian/British Colonial types of interior design as of late.  Sarah’s work reminds me of both, with a nod more toward classical design.  The style of this bedroom would work perfectly in my own home.  I’m not normally a fan of a gallery wall, but this raffia bowl wall has me questioning that stance.  Here’s how you can get a similar look in your own home.

Get the Look: Raffia Bowl Bedroom »

  1. Raffia bowl – They make this room.  The best selection I’ve found is on Amazon.  Etsy has a fair amount, too.  They seem to be pretty evenly priced across the board.
  2. Bed – Instead of two twin beds which is undoubtedly a guest room, I went with one large bed in order to turn it into a master bedroom.
  3. Rug – I like the pattern the stripes bring in.  I don’t ever not like stripes, though.  *shrug*
  4. Nightstand – This nightstand is quite different than the traditional piece Sarah used, but I thought it looked perfect with the bed.  A nice little exotic touch.  And it’s half price right now.
  5. Turtle shell – This turtle shell adds a touch of sophistication.  Where else does a turtle shell do that??
  6. Blanket – A light blue blanket like the one Sarah uses.  Perfect subtle color.
  7. Abstract art – I’m on the fence about abstract art.  I typically do like it when it’s used in this more traditional style.  It adds a nice contrast.  I also like how this print has circular strokes which compliments the shape of the raffia bowls.
  8. Lamp – I’m digging the unique shape of this lamp.
  9. Pillow – While the raffia bowls are the showstoppers of the room, the pillows are eye-catching, too.  This classic ikat pattern fits perfectly.  I also love this pillow, but it’s a tad more expensive.
  10. Sheets – White sheets are crisp and clean.  These have an embroidered trim which takes the plush factor up a notch.
  11. Bookends – These are the same wood and marble bookends Sarah used.
  12. Pouf – It annoys me to no end how expensive these poufs are everywhere.  This one on Amazon is the best price I’ve seen recently.  I bought this exact one from eBay for about $40, but that was a few years ago and I don’t see prices that low anymore.  The thing is it is not stuffed.  So, you have to buy the stuffing.  It took me two boxes of this stuffing to fill my pouf completely.  You can possibly find stuffing cheaper at your local craft store.  It’s a little work, but it will be cheaper than buying it already stuffed.
  13. Stool – This stool brings in texture and dimension.

There are all kinds of raffia bowls available out there on the internet.  Many are handcrafted in Africa, and come in all sorts of patterns and colors.  Make sure to check the dimensions of the bowls before purchasing.  The below are all different sizes.

Raffia Bowl Round-up »

Macy’s  //  Etsy  //  Amazon

Amazon  //  Macy’s  //  Amazon

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Ballard Buffalo Check Bedroom

Ballard’s bucolic black buffalo check bedroom beautifully bedazzles.  Ok, I’ll stop.  But Ballard did it again with today’s room.  I’m hard pressed to think of a more classic pattern than buffalo check.  You can use it on your floor, your living room, or your entire family can coordinate in it (been there, done that, cutest thing ever).  You can also use it in your bedroom for a timeless and classic look.  Buffalo check and gingham (there IS a difference!) can venture into granny chic–or not so chic–but Ballard keeps it modern and feminine by pairing it with pom pom bedding, florals, and natural fibers.  Here’s how you can get a similar look:

Get the Look: Buffalo Check Bedroom »

  1. Buffalo Check Bedding – The buffalo check bedding from Ballard is on sale right now.  And the sale prices are actually decent and competitive.
  2. Pom Pom Bedding – The pom pom bedding from Ballard is also on sale, but this set from Nordstrom is $50 cheaper.
  3. Bed – This piece is so classic.
  4. Chandelier – This statement piece softens the room and adds a little feminine flair.
  5. Medallion – I like the round shape of this medallion better than the one in the picture.  But if I’m honest, I’d probably put a piece of artwork over the bed instead.
  6. Lamp – This lamp is a bit more expensive than I’d prefer to pay, but it’s available at JCPenney where everything is perpetually on sale.  JCPenney also consistently offers a considerate amount of cash back on purchases if you use Ebates (referral link), too.
  7. Nightstand
  8. Mirror – It’s a little funny how Ballard positioned this mirror right at eye level if you’re laying in bed.  I don’t know that I want my own disheveled reflection to be the first thing I see in the morning.
  9. Basket – For the end of the bed.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Ballard bedroom without something at the end of the bed.
  10. Curtains – The curtains are just barely visible in this photo.  It’s a shame because they’re one of the best features in the room.  Buffalo check and floral print are two bold prints, but by keeping them monochromatic they compliment rather than compete.
  11. Jute rug – Bringing a little texture into the mix.

Buffalo check will always be a perennial favorite of mine.  Here’s a round up of a few other items featuring this textile.  The upholstered bed is just insane.

Buffalo Check Round up »

Bed (!!!!)  //  Top  //  Pillow

Bag  //  Skirt  //  Curtains

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Misty Forest Bedroom

Create a misty forest bedroom in your own space. »

Happy day after Christmas!  Or what I’m dubbing “laziest day of the year.”  Unless, that is, you’re one of those crazies out shopping.  My plans for today include relaxing in bed for as long as my one year old will let me (so, three minutes) and maybe burning through some gift cards to take advantage of the crazy end of year sales.  I figure you may be doing the same, so I bring you one of the most relaxing bedrooms I’ve come across.  It screams whispers serenity.  After decking the halls for the past month, I think we can all agree that tranquility is something we need.  Especially as we gear up to usher in 2017!  Here’s how you can get this misty forest look:

  1. Mural // PBteen – The best part of this room is the wallpaper.  If you can’t/don’t want to go that route, this mural delivers the same misty effect.  If you do want the wallpaper, here’s the original.  The price doesn’t look too crazy, but I’m no expert in wallpaper or the metric system.  See more options below.
  2. Bed set // Macy’s – I started my hunt for the bedding by piecing together each item individually.  Then I came across this 14-piece set.  It includes everything in the picture and is currently on sale.  Not a bad deal!
  3. Copper pendant // Target – This pendant emulates the original.  It’s on sale, too.
  4. Nightstand // Overstock – You know I have a love for these gilded cage tables.  See the bottom of this post for more options under $200.
  5. Pillow // Lulu & Georgia – So you probably don’t need another pillow, but we’re trying to achieve maximum relaxation levels here.  It also complements the nightstand.
  6. Rug // Overstock – A grey jute rug that keeps with the calm, relaxed feel.  Side note: do you spell it gray or grey?  I typically spell it gray, but this rug is “grey.”  #fancy
  7. Knit Throw // World Market – A sweater throw that emulates the original.
  8. Votive // Anthropologie – A pretty candle holder for your nightstand.
  9. Vase // H&M – A uniquely shaped vase to hold your flowers.  The white bouquet above looks perfect.
  10. Dish // Lulu & Georgia – A fun little dish to hold your baubles.

Here are a few other non-wallpaper options for the misty forest feel.  It’s a mix of prints and murals (the adhesive kind you slap on the wall).  Price varies depending on size and type:

Minted // Etsy  //  Amazon

IKEA  //  Amazon  //  Nordstrom








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Transitional Style Bedroom (with a horse!)

Transitional Style Bedroom (with a horse!) »


Alternative title: my little pony bedroom for adults.  Today I’m featuring the first bedroom we’ve had here on Style Emulator.  This transitional style bedroom is courtesy of Apartment Therapy.  If I was a single girl with an apartment in the city, I imagine my bedroom would look something along these lines.  Classy, crisp, and carefree.  What intrigues me most about this room (besides the horse, of course)–and what I didn’t notice on my first, second, third or fourth glances–is that the only item bringing in color is the bedding.  Every other item is sticking to a black/white/gray/gold color scheme.  This is the kind of color I can handle.  I couldn’t find the exact bedding (this is an older photo), but I was able to put together a few colorful pillows, as well as the rest of this transitional style room, right here:

  1. Horse print – The pièce de résistance of the room.
  2. Chandelier – I had a hard time finding a chandelier that emulated the original.  I didn’t want one that was too precious or with too much frou frou (i.e. glass crystals).  This one does a good job of looking nice, but not being too ornate.
  3. Starburst – Decor for the nightstand.  These look good anywhere.
  4. Tray – Correction.  The color in this room comes from the bedding and this adorable cerulean tray.  I love items that have fun sayings on them.
  5. Bed – This is a gorgeous bed with diamond tufting and nail head trim.
  6. Night stand – This 3-drawer night stand with circular pulls emulates the original.
  7. Bench – I’m totally digging this bench.  It’s not a piece that would work in every setting, but for this transitional bedroom it fits right in.
  8. Terrarium – Because every space needs a little greenery–even if it’s just a succulent.
  9. Lamp – The alabaster base of this lamp is beautiful.  Perfect for a bedside light.
  10. Rug – The scales in this rug emulate the carpet (rug?) in the inspiration photo.  It’s available in several different sizes.
  11. Stool – Because this room is slightly whitewashed, I brought in a stool with a marble pattern to mix things up a bit.  See more white options below.
  12. Candle votive – Every bedroom needs candles.  These beauties accent the room nicely.
  13. Pillow – Here’s the pop of color and pattern I’m talking about.
  14. Mirror – The cloverleaf shape of this mirror gives the room a bit of dimension.
  15. Pillow – More color and pattern.

Garden stools have been on trend for a while which is convenient since they’re less expensive than a side table.  Below are six white options that would work well in any room.  They are all around $95-$120 and most are available in different colors.

Home Decorators Collection  // domino  //  Home Decorators Collection

domino  //  Amazon  //  Target


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