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If you put a water gun to my head and told me to choose one interior designer to design my home I would say–actually, in all likelihood I will sink into the fetal position and refuse to answer since I have design paralysis when it comes to my house.  You would then squirt me in the eye for not answering the question, and threaten to squirt my other eye at which point I would yell, “FINE. SUSAN FERRIER!”  Susan Ferrier is an insanely skilled interior designer with the magnificent McAlpine House.  Truthfully I would let any of the designers from McAlpine House design my home. Susan is just the one I’ve spent the most time stalking.  And stalk I have.  I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I have spent hours studying her work.  She is able to capture rustic glamour like no one I have ever seen (and if you held that water gun to my head and told me to chose my style rustic glamour would be my answer).  Susan’s spaces are romantic, harmonious, and cultivated, and have been featured in several publications including Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.  And when you look at the rustic glam dining room above, is that any surprise?  Here’s how you can emulate a similar style in your own home:

  1. Chair // Kohl’s – This black and white striped chair has a similar look to the slip covered originals.  Also available in several other prints.
  2. Chandelier // Home Depot – The oversized chandelier is, without a doubt, the most striking feature in this rustic glam dining room.  This chandelier echoes the original.  See more options below.
  3. Table // Overstock – This table is quite a bit more money than I like to include, although undoubtedly cheaper than the original.  Dining room tables are investment pieces, and you’ll probably only buy a few in your lifetime.  Here’s a less expensive version.
  4. Urn // Amazon – An urn, like the one above, to set on top of the pedestal.
  5. Topiary Ball // Amazon – I have a few of these in my home and love the way they look.  Yes, it’s fake.  No, I don’t care.  It adds a bit of greenery to spaces that don’t get much natural light (like in an urn in a dining room).  And you’ll be happy to know that I have plenty of real plants to offset the fact that this is fake.
  6. Pedestal // Home Depot – I searched everywhere for a moderately priced pedestal.  I’m not convinced they exist.  I would probably contact a local carpenter and have them build these for you.  It would probably take no time and not much money.  The saving grace for this one is that it has storage capacity.  I also like this set.
  7. Prints (Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower) // Bed Bath & Beyond – This is where your room could get personal.  I think it would be neat to take photos of places that are important to you be it favorite vacation spots, meaningful landmarks, or even your own backyard.  Then apply a sepia filter, and print and frame them for your dining room.  It would be an interesting talking point for dinner guests, and it would look beautiful like it does in this rustic glam dining room.  If you’d rather purchase prints, Etsy has all kinds of great sepia selections.

As I mentioned, that chandelier is stunning.  If you don’t have the ceilings for an oversized chandelier (I don’t) here are a few other options for a rustic glam dining room:

Rustic Glam Chandelier Round Up »

Gilt  //  Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Home Decorators Collection

Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Home Depot  //  Home Depot

And one more thing when it comes to chandeliers, once you find the one you like always check eBay to see if you can find a similar one for less money.  I’ve done with this with two chandeliers in my own home.  It takes some searching and make sure to do due diligence on the seller (see how many reviews they have, how long they’ve been around, etc.), but can sometimes end up saving you a good amount of money.  A penny saved is a penny earned, eh?

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