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Feeling: like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We bought our house back in the summer of 2013.  We rented the house next door for a few years before this house came on the market (easiest move ever).  It was actually a foreclosure, unbeknownst to us while living next door, so we got the house for a steal.  That’s where the good fortune ended though because you know every negative connotation you associate with the word foreclosure?  They apply to this house.  We’ve had to tent it for termites, replace all of the wiring/plumbing/HVAC, redo the kitchen and bathrooms, and basically rip it down to the studs.  We did most of the work back in 2013 (DIY and with subcontractors), moved in at the beginning of 2014 since the first floor was finished, took the rest of 2014 off so we could recover mentally and financially, started back up on the second story in 2015, took 2016 off since we had a baby, and now we’re back at it finishing the second story and exterior (and bathrooms and finishing touches everywhere and this list goes on…).  The above picture is at the top of my spiral staircase.  That iron railing (original to the house) hasn’t been installed since mid-2015 when we replaced the floors.  Also, all of the baseboards and trim you see was done just this week.  I’m ecstatic that the end is nigh and I’ll be living in a finished house instead of a construction zone!

Listening to: Downtown Train by Rod Stewart.  So, funny story.  I work from home a few days a week which makes it awkward when contractors are here working.  Our first story is open to the second story, so I can hear everything that’s going on upstairs and vice versa.  Earlier this week I decided to turn on my 60s, 70s, 80s rock Pandora station since who doesn’t like to jam to Petty and CCR?  I was going about my morning, playing with Scarlett, and checking work emails when this song came on.  My mom’s favorite singer is and will always be Rod.  This song in particular reminds me of growing up and singing and dancing to it with my mom and brother.  As I started listening to it and getting all the warm fuzzies, I naturally began to sing it.  A singer I am not, but I’ll sing in my home, to my baby who can’t talk, all day long.  I think you can see where this is going.  As I was singing and getting dinner going in the crock pot, the guys upstairs loudly dropped something (probably on purpose).  I immediately realized that I had been serenading them, and promptly started a fake coughing fit and ran into the bathroom completely mortified.  It was the second time that morning I had embarrassed myself.  The first is when I turned on Pandora and Taylor Swift started screaming shake it off.  Scarlett likes to play with the knobs on our surround sound and had, inadvertently, turned the volume up to 140 decibels.  I’m pretty sure the windows shook.

Thinking: this got way too long, way too fast.  Thanks for reading it if you stuck around!  Hope you’re currently having a great weekend.  Florida has decided to hold winter on January 7 and 8 this year (highs are in the 40s/50s!), so I’ll be relishing the cold weather until it’s back in the 70s on Monday.



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