Miranda Kerr Cape Look for Less

Source: Harper’s Bizarre

Miranda Kerr recently wore this caped look, and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since.  It’s both elegant and cozy–two words I don’t often use to describe the same thing.  But, Miranda manages to pull it off.  She also looks slightly edgy with a plunging neck line, leather pants, and a choker.

Let’s talk about chokers for a hot minute.  Are you a fan?  It’s the first trend I can remember that was popular for a time (what up to all of my fellow 90s kids), went out of style, and is now coming back into style.  I first saw it pop up on Instagram about a year ago.  I ignored it and silently pleaded with the internet to not let this become A Thing.  Well, that didn’t work and chokers are back with a vengeance.  And you know what?  It works on Miranda.  I actually like it (as if!).  But, that begs the question if it only works on Miranda because she’s a supermodel and all? I went with a thinner version below that anyone can pull off.  Check it out:

Copy Miranda Kerr's Cape Look » StyleEmulator.com

  1. Cape // Macy’s – Isn’t this beautiful?  And it looks so comfy.  I am totally on board with any garment that looks sophisticated, yet also feels like I’m wearing a blanket.  See more options below.
  2. Top // Charlotte Russe – Not gonna lie, I like this top better than Miranda Kerr’s and it’s on sale for $15.  This is actually a bodysuit which is likely what Miranda is wearing.  I also like this one.
  3. Pants // Target – These high waist faux leather leggings emulate Miranda Kerr’s.  They look super comfy, too.  Cozy chic is the theme for this entire airport outfit.
  4. Sunglasses // Kohl’s – If you want to be like a supermodel and wear your sunglasses at night.
  5. Earrings // Kohl’s – We can’t see if Miranda Kerr is wearing earrings, but I’m of the opinion that no outfit is complete without them.  Also, side note: these are from the LC Lauren Conrad line for Kohl’s and only $7.  Every pair from her line looks great.
  6. Choker // Nordstrom – Here’s that choker I was talking about.  The one in the original photo is thicker than this.  I can’t go that thick just yet.  Give me another two years to warm up to it.  It will probably be out of style by that point, but you understand.
  7. Purse // H&M – Simple small black purse.
  8. Boots // Express – These booties are currently half off!  Totally digging the two-tone look.

A few other beige capes/ponchos/wearable blankets:

Forever 21  // Macy’s  //  Ralph Lauren

Macy’s  //  Nordstrom Rack  //  Free People



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