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Photo Source: Jessie Webster

Does anything give off a California vibe more than mid century modern rooms?  This beautiful space is effortlessly cool, calm, and collected.  The juxtaposition between the warm leather sofa and the cold modern coffee table is perfection.  Couple those two pieces with the brass and gold elements, and the room gives off a warm feel with a modern flair.  I have to admit that I don’t feel cool enough for this room.  Maybe because I’m an east coast girl?  Whatever the case, it’s easy enough to incorporate this mid century modern look into your own home for those of us who are California dreamers.

  1. Side Table – I love the shape and style of this table.  See more options below.
  2. Mirror – Round mirrors are to the California vibe what peanut butter is to jelly, what air is to lungs, what–you get the idea.
  3. Pillow – The one element of color in a mostly neutral palate.
  4. Antler – A fancy little fake antler for your coffee table.  Good for looking at and poking people with.
  5. Vase – Both the shape and color of this vase fit right in with the modern aesthetic.
  6. Planter – Isn’t this guy cool and quirky?  He’s available in two different sizes.
  7. Sculpture – A modern element with a bold silhouette.
  8. Coffee table – I searched high and low for a silver square coffee table at an acceptable price point.  This was the closest I could find, and dare I say I like it slightly more than the inspiration photo?
  9. Figure – An abstract figurine keeping with the modern vibe.
  10. Pillow – A fringe pillow that emulates the one above.
  11. BookGuess Who by Peggy Sirota.  This book not only looks awesome on the outside, it looks really fun on the inside.  It holds pictures of celebrities in disguise with their names jumbled below their photo.  You have to guess who each celebrity is.  This would be really fun for guests to look at while hanging out.
  12. Skull – This room would be incomplete with out this guy.  Seriously.  Go place your finger over him in the photo.  …told you.

Here are some other gold/brass wire side tables to choose from that are all under $200:


Lulu & Georgia     //     Urban Outfitters     //     One Kings Lane

Target     //     Bed, Bath & Beyond     //     Bed, Bath & Beyond





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