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Feeling: Festive.  I’ve been to two Christmas parties over the past two days, and I wouldn’t turn down an invitation to one today.  I didn’t do the month of December last year since I had just had a baby, was in full on survival mode, and completely lost to the outside world.  So, I’m trying to make up for it double time this year.  Fa-la-la!

Listening to: White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix.  Weirdest Christmas song lyrics ever, but it’s so dang catchy.  I’ve had Penatatonix’s first Christmas album on repeat since November 25.  Singing a cappella ranks right up there with opera singers as far as talent goes in my book.

Wishing: I could sing a cappella.

Bummed: That I’ve only read one book this year.  In years past, I’ve read over 50 books a year.  This year?  One.  Unless you count a few parenting books which I don’t.  The reason for this is my aforementioned baby.  This is such a sweet season of life and I don’t mind not reading right now since I know I’ll have time again one day.  But, not gonna lie, I miss it.

Shocked: That one of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show models is from a small town a few towns over from me!  And I only discovered this fact via Instagram.  After the show aired, I was stalking all of the models’ accounts (as one does) and stumbled upon Grace Elizabeth.  One thing led to another, and bam!  I realized she’s a local girl.  The fact that she exists doesn’t really surprise me, it’s that I hadn’t heard about her IRL.  This kind of news is small town gold.  Why hasn’t anyone told someone who told someone who told me??

Excited: about this blog.  I know no one is reading right now, but I hope that changes soon.  I have big hopes and big plans for this space.  🙂


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