White House Black Market Looks for Less

In real life, I work an office job (that is currently taking over my liiiife!) which means every day I have to dress like the boss lady I am (ha).  As such, I’m always on the hunt for decently priced work clothes.  I find that if I look professional, I feel professional.  Always dress for the job you want next, right?  With that said, I don’t like paying half my hard earned paycheck on clothes.  Sure, I’ll spend money on quality items (dress pants, a pair or two of nice shoes, a few tops), but I do like trendier professional items, too.  I have no problem spending less money on those.

White House Black Market is a retailer I often turn to for inspiration.  Their looks are perfect for the working woman who wants to look upscale and on trend, yet professional and ready for business, too.  White House Black Market doesn’t have terrible prices per se, but some items are a bit more than I prefer to spend.  Below I’ve put together two White House Black Market looks for less.  I hope they inspire you, too!White House Black Market Looks for Less » StyleEmulator.com

First outfit: Blazer // Nordstrom Rack, Floral Cami // South Moon Under, Pants // JCPenney, Shoes // 6pm

Second outfit: Top // New York & Co, Skirt // Nordstrom, Heels // Old Navy

And speaking of work, I may be posting a little less frequently over the coming weeks.  The first quarter of the year is always the craziest for me (I do strategic healthcare planning), and with renovations going on at my house and my sweet one year old, I’m running out of time to do anything!  Thanks for understanding and thank you for being here. 🙂

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Get the Look: Ballard Designs Living Room

Get the Look: Ballard Designs Living Room » StyleEmulator.com

Ballard Designs living rooms are stylish and timeless.  This living room above is a perfect example of Ballard’s mastery at interior design.  The mix of bold patterned pillows, light furniture and pops of gold work together to form a posh living space that will be fashionable for years to come.  Ballard also runs a wonderful design blog, How To Decorate.  You’re probably already reading it, but if not make sure to check it out.  It’s a treasure trove of design tips and tricks.  Here’s how you can emulate the Ballard Designs living room above:

  1. Sofa // One King’s Lane – As always, we start with a clean and crisp white linen sofa.
  2. Pillow // Bed Bath & Beyond – This pillow brings a classic leopard pattern into the room.
  3. Print // Bed Bath & Beyond – This print emulates the original frond print.  It’s black instead of white, but on Ballard’s How To Decorate blog, they recently did a post on why you should have dark elements in your room to contrast lighter elements.  Super interesting read on how the eye moves around the room with the contrasting elements.
  4. Bookshelf // Kohl’s – This simple bookshelf provides plenty of room for books, vases, and plants.
  5. Tray // Bed Bath & Beyond – A gold tray for the coffee table.
  6. Olive tree – These trees are gorgeous and a perfect touch of greenery.  They also remind me of topiaries.
  7. Print // Society6 – Another gold leaf art option but this time with a white background.  Available in multiple sizes.
  8. Vase // Bed Bath & Beyond – Another pop of gold for the coffee table or bookshelf–wherever you prefer.
  9. Coffee table // Target – This tufted coffee table emulates the one in the Ballard Designs living room.
  10. Pillow // Amazon – I’m totally digging this Greek key pillow!  I found it a few weeks ago when I was putting together another room.  I ended up going with a different pillow, but hoped I’d have a room I could use it in.  Bingo!  It would look perfect with the leopard pillow on the linen couch.
  11. Rug // Overstock – I love how soft and light this rug is.  It’s not overly bold, but brings the right amount of pattern into the room.
  12. Chandelier // Rejuvenation – I’ll be honest that I wouldn’t have chosen this chandelier for this space.  It’s a touch too modern for the room.  However, you may like it so what does it matter what I think?  😉  The original Ballard chandelier is currently on sale for about the same price as this one.

See you on Wednesday with a fashion look for less round-up and back again on Friday with another home design post!


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Black and White Modern Living Room

Get the Look Black and White Modern Living Room » StyleEmulator.com


Part of me has always wanted to live in an ultra sleek modern apartment complete with sharp lines, minimalist decor, and a cold feel.  I wouldn’t mind a view of a city, either.  There’s just something so appealing about the monochromatic feel of it.  These spaces certainly don’t appear lived in (where is all the stuff?), but they are calming and super cool.  And clean.  So incredibly clean.  You better believe you aren’t allowed to wear shoes in this living room.  Here’s how you can emulate this black and white modern living room in your own home:

  1. Couch // Urban Outfitters – A super modern couch defines the space.
  2. Pillow // Bed Bath & Beyond – This pillow is one of the only items bringing in color and pattern.
  3. Art // Etsy – Abstract art is, obviously, the only type of art allowed here.
  4. Coffee table // Overstock – This diamond coffee table is ideal for contemporary spaces.
  5. Chair // Overstock – This split back chair not only has a modern vibe, it can convert from sitting to lounging for more seating.
  6. Rug // Overstock – Shag rugs are my absolute favorite.  They feel so good underfoot.  This gray shag rug adds a bit of texture and a touch of warmth to the space.
  7. Snake plant – These plants look so unique.  Perfect for a modern setting.  Also, they’re hardy and can handle being neglected if you’re one of those who forgets to water your plants (like, ahem, me).
  8. Pillow // Amazon – The bold stripes on these pillows emulate the originals.
  9. Planter // 2Modern – This planter has a modern silhouette and is perfect for a snake plant.  It’s also available in several different sizes and colors should you want to add more color to your space.
  10. Floor lamp // Lord & Taylor – This light absolutely belongs in a modern room.  In any other setting I’d probably find this lamp to be a bit much, but it’s perfect in this room.
  11. Vases // domino – Decor is minimal in this black and white modern living room.  These vases do the job of adding a touch of ornamentation, while also fitting with the overall aesthetic.

I had a lot of fun looking for a floor lamp for this black and white modern living room.  There are so many good and funky options out there that, again, would probably only work with a modern style.  Here are a few I was drawn to:

Modern Floor Lamp Round Up » StyleEmulator.com

Home Depot  //  Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Kohl’s

Bed Bath & Beyond  //  Target  //  Amazon


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J. Crew Looks for Less

I was perusing the J. Crew site the other day, and came across several looks featuring their current items.  Hear me out when I say I love J. Crew.  However, their prices, at times, can be ridiculous.  So was the case with these aforementioned looks.  I completely believe in spending money on quality items, but at some point it crosses a line and becomes highway robbery.  In case you feel the same way, I put together a few J. Crew looks for less below to help you find less expensive alternatives to some lovely J. Crew items.

J Crew Look For Less Blazer » StyleEmulator.com

Top (JCPenney)  //  Blazer (ModCloth)  //  Pants (Kohl’s)  //  Pumps (Macy’s)

J Crew Look for Less Polka Dot Jacket » StyleEmulator.com

Jacket (JCPenney)  //  Chambray Shirt (Macy’s)  //  Jeans (Old Navy)  //  Flats (JCPenney)

J Crew Look for Less Blush Coat » StyleEmulator.com

Coat (Forver 21)  //  Sunglasses (Amazon)  //  Scarf (Amazon)  //  Flats (JCPenney)

So what do you think?  Are fine paying J. Crew prices or do you opt for cheaper finds?



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Fixer Upper Farmhouse

Get the Look: Fixer Upper Farmhouse » StyleEmulator.com

Do you recognize this space?  If so, then you obviously are a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.  If not, well I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t seen at least one episode of the show.  In case you are the one person who hasn’t, this homely space belongs to Chip and Joanna Gaines, the adorable hosts of Fixer and Upper.  I read recently that HGTV was the third most watched television network in 2016, beating out CNN.  Only ESPN and Fox News had more viewers.  I attribute that to Chip and Joanna with their charming dynamic and impressive design skills.  Living in the south, this shabby chic, rustic style farmhouse vibe is prolific.  I’d say 80% of the homes I visit look similar to this (although not as good because no one does this better than Joanna).  I’ve rounded up some items to help you emulate the Fixer Upper Farmhouse look in your own home.

  1. Coffee table // Overstock – This distressed reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect jumping off point for a rustic farmhouse room.
  2. Print // Teil Duncan – Teil Duncan is so talented.  This is a digital print of her work, so it’s not as expensive as an actual painting (but it’s still signed by her).
  3. Chandelier // Home Depot – I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to do shabby chic without a chandelier.
  4. Pillow // Target – An appropriate pillow for this space.
  5. Dining room table // domino – This vintage style table emulates Joanna’s original.
  6. Rug // Amazon – A neutral jute rug keeps with the rustic vibe of the space.
  7. Chairs // Kohl’s – These metal chairs bring an industrial vibe to the room(s).
  8. Wire basket // Amazon – This basket also has an industrial look.  I like how functional these are, too.  I’d probably need 12 for all of my random bits of mail/magazines/receipts.
  9. Trays // Amazon – These weathered trays are perfect for the coffee or dining table.
  10. Super Market sign // Amazon – This needs no explanation.
  11. Pillow // Target – This pillow is adorable.  Totally and completely shabby chic.  It’s probably in every house within 25 square miles of me.
  12. Pendant // Home Depot – This barn light pendant emulates the ones hanging over Joanna’s island.  And you know she loves her kitchen islands (along with her shiplap and cased openings).
  13. Scale // Target – An antique style scale complements the rustic look.

Shabby chic decor is so charming.  Here a few other accent pieces that will help you achieve the Fixer Upper Farmhouse vibe:

Farmhouse Decor Round-up » StyleEmulator.com

Target  //  Amazon  //  Target

Amazon  //  Target  //  Target



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Golden Globes Inspired Looks

Did you catch the Golden Globes on Sunday night?  I did not.  I actually can’t remember the last awards show I watched.  I usually catch a few snippets on YouTube if something buzz worthy happened, but most of the time I’ll simply read a few articles the morning after.  And by read articles, I mean look at red carpet fashion.  I’m always interested to see what celebrities look like on the red carpet.  Are they going to go Hollywood glamour or are they going to devolve into fashion a la the Capitol in the Hunger Games?  I didn’t see either extreme on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t really wowed by any of them.  There were a few gowns that stood out more than others, and a few that looked like they would fit right in in the Capitol.  Still, I was able to draw inspiration from the night (the event and afterparties) which is all I was looking to do anyway.  I’ve rounded up some Golden Globes inspired looks below.  I split them into colors, and hope you can find some inspiration, too.

Silvers (my favorites):

Julianne Hough looked youthful and ethereal in this vintage Jenny Packham dress:Julianne Hough Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($49 at Gap) // Skirt ($70 at White House Black Market) // Shoes ($55 at Kohl’s) // Clutch ($27 at Sole Society)

Elsa Pataky, along with her husband/my man crush Chris Hemsworth, looked elegant in this Zuhair Murad naked dress (not crazy about this trend, but she certainly pulled it off):Elsa Pataky Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($20 at Zappos) // Necklace ($36 at JCPenney)  //  Skirt ($32 at New York & Co.)  //  Pumps ($80 at Zappos)


Zoe Saldana’s Gucci dress was sweet and feminine, though a bit more bridesmaid than red carpet.  In any event, she looked beautiful.

Zoe Saldana Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($35 at Nordstrom)  //  Earrings ($20 at Banana Republic)  //  Pants ($42 at JCPenney)  //  Pumps ($32 at Sole Society)

I love this belle of the ball silhouette on Giuliana Rancic, and I think the pattern is very pretty, but the dress as a whole reminds me of a comforter I had when I was 9.  Probably just me then, right?  I did love that comforter, though.

Giuliana Rancic Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($48 at Asos)  //  Skirt ($100 at BHLDN)  // Pumps ($41 at Lord & Taylor)  //  Earrings $58 at (Lord & Taylor)


Jenna Bush Hager looked every inch the television anchor/former first daughter in this lovely green dress.

Jenna Bush Hager Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($19 at Nordstrom)  //  Earrings ($21 at Zappos)  //  Pants ($50 at Kohl’s)  // Shoes ($90 at Anthropologie)

This color looked fabulous on Hilary Duff.  The gown itself left a little to be desired, but the girl can obviously rock emerald.

Hilary Duff Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Top ($49 at Nordstrom) // Earrings ($15 at Shopbop)  //  Pants ($29 at Nordstrom)  //  Clutch ($58 at Last Call by NM)  //  Pumps ($55 at Last Call by NM)


I have no idea who Zazie Beetz is but her look was one of my favorites from the night.  The gown was classy and unique–exactly what red carpet fashion should be.Zazie Beetz Golden Globe 2017 Look » StyleEmulator.com

Velvet Top ($19 at Kohl’s)  //  Earrings ($55 at Macy’s)  //  Skirt ($99 at Macy’s)  //  Cuff ($38 at Lord & Taylor)  //  Clutch ($27 at Sole Society)

I’m not sure Jenna Dewan Tatum has ever looked bad in her life.  Must be nice.  Her black and gold gown reminded me of a dress Jaime King wore recently that I featured here on Style Emulator.  Here’s a whole post on 21 black and gold dresses under $150.

Jenna Dewan Tatum Golden Globe 2017 Look

What was your favorite look of the night?




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